Updates from marty

Hello and WELCOME to your new online shopping experience. All of our Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paints  & the new SILK line are available to purchase online at this time. What color is your favorite? Choose from PICK UP or to have them SHIPPED. Many of our HOME DECOR and FURNITURE ITEMS are available online at this time - although some are PICK UP ONLY due to size.  Our class area has space for eight so bring your friends.  


Check out the EVENTS tab to see what's coming and to book your class to save your seat.  Customers LOVE our bring your own small piece of furniture to upcycle yourself - instruction and products included with the class fee. And we have lots of in-store specials too.  Not only do we have items that Marty has upcycled, but we carry items from local artists and crafters too so be sure to stop in soon.


Use the contact form below to sign up for email announcements for classes and other happenings. And as always, shop local small businesses who need all of us more than ever before. 

Coming soon . . .

Hey all. Hope you are well.

We are so excited to announce the we are now an Elite  Dixie Belle Retailer.  What that means to you is first crack at all of Dixie Belle's amazing products1!

Starting with the new Dixie Belle transfers and decoupage papers!  Wait until you see these!!!  They are gorgeous.  You won't want to miss them.

On top of the new line of Silk paint & Mylar stencils & Silkscreen Stencils to choose from - you'll have a tough time deciding what to use first!  The possibilities are endless.  Opens up lots and lots of possibilities for classes too!

If you are new to DB paints, or would like to introduce a friend or family member to how wonderful they are, be sure to stop in the shop and see the bundles we have. It makes a perfect gift.

Always remember:  Don't see it for what it is....see it for what it can be.