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Updates from marty

Hello and WELCOME to the new Creative Living by Marty.  There have been some trying times of late and after much prayer and thought and weighing all the pros and cons I have come to the difficult decision to close the store.  In a couple of months I will be shutting the doors.  I'll be redirecting my focus and trying to enjoy some of that Life/Work balance thing people talk about.  I will still be painting furniture and creating home decor and gifts to sell on line - I can't just stop being creative after all!  They'll be more custom painting and I plan to do Sea Glass Tree classes and perhaps other types of classes as well but at other locations and perhaps private parties in homes.  The logistics haven't been worked out yet so please be patient while all this is figured out.  Unfortunately, this means I won't be a Dixie Belle retailer any longer.  I love Dixie Belle products and will continue to brag about it and use it.  As of now Dixie Belle paint products will only be available at the store.  In the meantime please come to the store and check out all the huge discounts before everything is gone.  I hope you stick around and take this journey with me and see where it goes.  I'm exited about this new phase of my life and look forward to creating and getting your creative juices flowing!  ...who knows - maybe when I retire there will be a new store for us to enjoy!

Use the contact form below to contact me if you have something you would like me to paint for you or to discuss classes.  I won't be starting classes until after August.  If you see something you would like to do as a class/private party let's discuss the possibilities.  Also sign up for email announcements and other happenings. 

As always - Don't see it for what it is - see it for what it can be!  Be creative and just jump in!

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