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Flea Market Time!

This Saturday & Sunday (11/11 & 11/12) Suellen and I will be at the Port Orange Flea Market on U.S. 1. Susan and Kirby may pop in for a visit too! It's a little early for me so I sure hope McDonald's is open early for a Frappe! Anyway we are going to have tons of home decor, wood cutouts, deeply discounted Dixie Belle transfers, stencils, rice decoupage paper. I may bring some paints too. Can't bring it all so if you are interested in particular colors let me know by Thursday night since I'll be spending my holiday from work packing my car on Friday! Come say hi grab some crafty stuff and I may have some ornaments there too. So come visit we'll be having fun come join us and hang out for a bit. Get some early Christmas shopping done and stock up on craft goodies while you're at it! See you there 7-1 (I know - so early! But we thought it was 6 at first and had to be there for 5!!! Ugh can you imagine!!! I'll have to be in bed by 9:30!!!). See you there!

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