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Keep the Holidays Crafty with guest writer Amanda Henderson

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Keep the Holidays Crafty and Affordable with These Helpful Resources


Making your own gifts and decor can help put your own unique stamp on the holidays. However, it’s often difficult to keep the things you want to create under budget. Fortunately, there are ways to save a little money while still crafting the sort of holiday cheer that will brighten your home and the hearts of your loved ones.


Below, Creative Living by Marty lists several resources from around the web that can keep you on track — and on budget!


Crafting Supplies


Finding crafting supplies is as easy as opening a browser. There are many places to buy the things you need to create what you want — below are just a few resources.


The 14 Best Places to Buy Craft Supplies Online

Versatile Crafting Supplies for Multiple Crafts

The 16 Tools Every Crafter Must Have


Creative Zone Tips


Are you having trouble finding inspiration for your holiday crafts? Again, the internet has your back. You can find a few ideas below.


10 Best Craft Blogs for Tutorials, Tips, and Daily Inspiration

25 Cute and Simple Christmas Crafts for Everyone

40+ Holiday Crafts That Double as an Activity and Decorations


Shopping and Saving Tips


Buying crafting supplies can quickly take a toll on your budget. Below are some ways you can buy all the supplies you need without spending tons of money.


9 Places to Get Cheap Craft Supplies

Find Local Art Supplies & Craft Stores


Tips for Turning Your Crafts Into a Business


Are you proud of your crafting projects and want to sell them? The resources below can help you get the ball rolling on your new business.


Have a Strategy for Your New Business

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Small Business?

How to Write a Business Plan


Don’t let a budget get in the way of your creativity! By making use of the resources listed above, you can get inspired, find the supplies you need, and save a little money. Creating homemade presents and decorations will help make the holidays even more special, especially when you see the way they brighten your loved ones’ season!

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