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Where Did October Go?!

I blinked and I missed it! November & December are packed with things going on. Both months are short on saturdays so everyone of them has a class. We're even squeezing them in during the week too! More sea glass trees again back by popular demand. We've got boards, trees, ornaments, resin and I'm sure I'm leaving a bunch out! Now is a great time to book a private class for your friends and family and just have some relaxing fun! We also have Small Business Saturday. I hope you will all support your favorite small businesses for the holidays. Skip the malls and big box stores and show your local small businesses that you support them and want them to stick around! Okay enough nagging. There's tons of new things at the store too be sure to come by and say hi and while you're there please welcome Dawn our newest member of our team and a HUGE Dixie Belle fan! That's it for now. Stay safe, healthy and happy! Remember - Don't see it for what it is - see it for what it could be!

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